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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 2, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning. extreme weather. more snow forcing thousands of flights to be cancelled and dangerous conditions on the roads. plus the rare drenching rain soaking southern california. a powerful system on the move. >> breaking overnight. the fight against isis escalating in iraq right now. the major operation underway to take back a city from the extremists. >> caught on camera. a chaotic scene turning deadly after shots rang out on a busy street. new details just in from police about the scuffle with officers that led to the shooting. >> and mile-high rescue. a skydiver suffers a medical emergency right in the middle of a free-fall.
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good morning. i'm ryan smith in for t.j. holmes. >> i'm reena ninan, we begin with a one-two punch from old man winter. >> the northeast will catch a bit of a break after the latest winter storm finally moves out to sea but another storm is on the way. >> in the west a storm is moving across southern california. nevada and arizona. bringing heavy rain, possible flooding and heavy mountain snow. abc's susan saulny kicks off our coverage. >> reporter: march is bringing no sign of spring to several states from the south to the midwest and the northeast. more freezing rain. more snow and more ice are creating travel nightmares. >> i'm over it. >> i don't want anymore. i'm tired of this. >> reporter: the sound of spinning tires was heard throughout the landscape of englewood new jersey thanks to a slick coating of snow. >> the roads are terrible. i skidded all over the place and i was scared to go up hills because i was scared of getting stuck. >> reporter: to people died
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after the driver lost control on an icy overpass. plunging into the creek in fort worth, texas. in oklahoma this jeep taking a tumble. its top ripped off. in kentucky black ice closed down i-64. >> a solid sheet of ice. >> reporter: this is how more than 5,000 people spent the weekend at the airport in dallas. forth worth. one of the nation's busiest hubs. this woman was supposed to leave friday. for a vacation in mexico. her family waiting in line in texas while her son is already in mexico. >> he's down there by himself while his whole family is up here. it's been a nightmare. >> reporter: american airlines tried to appease travelers with tweets. many of them saying we're ready for it to be over, too. this latest storm can help boston break a record. all it needs is six more inches and that's looking highly likely these days. abc news, washington.
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>> on the west coast a winter storm is socking parts of southern california with heavy rain and hail. >> some areas with as much as an inch of rain and flooding roads and triggering mudslides. this latest rainfall is not expected to make a dent in california's drought now headed into its fourth year. >> let's get the monday forecast from accuweather's stephanie olmo. good morning. >> good morning, reena and ryan. well, on this monday morning we are dealing with just messy conditions across the southwest region. take a look. the pink where we have the wintry mix and snow and further south seeing thunderstorms across eastern sections of arizona. a very beneficial wet weather across much of the state. in a significant drought. this is going to continue to ramp up across the south central states. we are concerned for an icy mix across portions of texas. please do exercise caution if you are doing any traveling this morning. tuesday into tuesday night it's really going to intensify as it continues to press over to the east across the eastern sections of the u.s. another round of unsettled conditions.
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three to six inches expected in sioux falls by the time it's all said and done. reena and ryan, back to you. >> a major military operation by the iraqi military to take back a region from isis extremists. iraqi state tv reports they are fighting to create saddam's hometown 80 miles from baghdad. >> iraq's prime minister was shown meeting with the military officials and announcing the move to liberate the iraqi people from icy oppression. a similar campaign stalled. the man known as jihadi john was known to british security services as early as 2011. legal proceedings involving other suspects showing that mohammed emwazi was involved in a group procuring funds in somalia. documents show he was connected to men convicted of trying to bomb london's subway in 2005. isis released 19 christians it
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kidnapped in northern syria last week over the age of 50 but still holding 200 more. the syrian christians protested outside of u.n. offices calling for protection of religious minority. >> the human toll is rising in ukraine. the u.n. says more than 6,000 people have died since the violence began a year ago. investigators found devastation of civilian lives and infrastructure. in the embattled region. russia denies it's helping but the un said it found evidence otherwise. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has arrived in washington. ahead of his controversial speech tomorrow before congress. netanyahu came at the invitation of house speaker john boehner who did not tell the white house in advance that's raised tensions between the two countries. but secretary of state john kerry attempted to down play the tensions saying the prime minister is welcome in the u.s. >> a major announcement could be
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coming from hillary clinton. the wall street journal says she will likely announce her run for the white house next month. advisors suggested she wait until the summer but she wants to get a jump on fundraising. >> a justice department report on the ferguson missouri police department could be released as soon as this week. the report expected to accuse the department of making discriminatory traffic stops of african-americans that created years of racial animosity. it concludes that animosity led to last summer's police shooting of teenager michael brown. but the police officer involved darren wilson not expected to be charged. >> a texas nurse who came down with ebola is suing the hospital where she became sick. the lawsuit alleges that the texas health presbyterian hospital and its parent company did not provide proper training for pham and her colleagues. pham became ill while caring for an ebola patient who died. >> we believe she could be a voice for other nurses so something like this never
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happens to another nurse in the united states. >> the hospital says it is confident the two sides can settle the issue through dialogue. >> prince william is on a trip to mainland china. he visited beijing's forbidden city. the former home of emperors already today and is meeting with government officials including china's president. his visit to china is a first by a british royal since his grandmother, the queen, was there back in 1986. from the international space station preparations for the next phase of travel, two american astronauts completed they're third space walk in just over a week, rigging up new parking for spats space taxis. boeing and spacex are building commercial spacecrafts that will begin docking in 2017. astronaut tweeting this selfie
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saying mission accomplished, ###spacewalks and posting a list of their chores >> interesting to think of a space parking lot. >> i was a little stumped there for a second and then i thought it is possible. it is possible. >> got to back into them and everything. gas price on the rise. any end in sight? >> video surfaces of l.a. police officers shooting a homeless man. new details of what happened coming in overnight. >> and a nose in the ground. a busted landing gear. how a jet ended up like this during a landing.
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one oil industry analyst
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says when it comes to gas prices the party is over. aaa says the average price for a gallon of regular now up to $2.41, up from $2.29 last week. part of the reason for the climbing prices is production has slowed as refineries start working on their summer blend of gas. >> a new week, a new battle brewing on capitol hill to pay for the department of homeland security. a partial shutdown is possible at the end of this week after congress passed a bill last friday night funding the agency for just a week. a small group of house republicans is linking those funds to a rollback of president obama's unilateral moves on immigration. samsung is showing off what it hopes will knock down the iphone. unveiled the new galaxy s6 and edge which features a curved glass display. with edge features. the new phones are ditching the plastic from metal and glass and feature upgrades with faster processing speeds and batteries
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charging twice as fast as iphones and a new high resolution camera. >> "fifty shades of grey" has been dumped. the film took in just more than $19 million. the spy thriller "kingsmen: the secret service" was second with $12 million and "the spongebob movie" is third. taco bell is out with captain crunch delights. small doughnuts covered with captain crunch berry cereal. filled with what the company calls milk icing. a dozen will cost you $4.50. >> and they're fat-free. >> right. >> i don't think so. when we come back, a hiker trapped, rescuers forced to repel into a cave. hear from the woman pulled to safety. >> and camera caught on camera. the car thief who knocked himself out.
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keep your eyes on the road right there. you're looking at video catching the spinout on a snow-covered interstate? this is in st. louis missouri. everyone appears to be driving way too fast for conditions. elsewhere, in missouri a 25-year-old woman was killed when her vehicle left the road and struck by a tractor-trailer as she tried to get back on the interstate. stay careful on the roads. >> for a look at the road conditions, wet roads across eastern texas and south. heavy rains making roads wet across the southwest. >> airport delays possible in los angeles and in phoenix. >> from los angeles this morning a disturbing altercation with police caught on video. >> an lapd spokesperson says police shot and killed a man after a struggle over an officer's weapon. officers responding to a robbery
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call struggled with the suspect. several of them falling to the ground. in the chaos two officers broke away to subdue a woman joining the fight. screams could be heard. then shots rang out. listen to this. [ bleep ]. >> hey! [ shots fired ]. >> the department says two officers and a sergeant fired their weapons. several investigations are underway. >> also in los angeles police searching for suspects following this deadly drag race. two spectators were killed when one car lost control and plowed into the crowd at the start of the race. the driver turned himself in over the weekend and being held on $2 million bond. police want to talk to a passenger in the car and the other driver. >> the faa is looking into why that small plane wound up resting on its nose in florida. it wound up 60 feet off the runway after landing yesterday.
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there were nine people onboard and one brought to a hospital for treatment. >> a woman in phoenix is safe and sound after a cave rescue. a woman in her 20s got herself stuck on the south side of that area there stranded in an awkward position with 150 foot vertical drop below her. she called for help when she started to slip. >> it's easier to go up than it is to come back down. she got herself in a spot and was very dangerous. as you can see she was 200 feet with a vertical drop below her. >> it was kind of scary but i felt safe because he was holding me and i knew they were there to help me. >> it took 16 firefighters and two hours to get her to safety. >> a near catastrophe caught on camera during a sky dive at 12,000 feet up. a helmet cam shot the video. the man's body shook uncontrollably. right there. he was having a seizure in midair plummeting to the ground.
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the person was able to pull his rip cord. the guy came to about 3,000 feet up and landed safely. >> also caught on camera, a would-be car thief who really knocks himself out. this happened in ireland. the guy tried to break the car's window. with a rock. doesn't work. so he comes back with a heavier brick. it bounces off the window, comes back, hits him in the face, knocking him out. the car's owner also owns a nearby pub. he called police. >> crime doesn't pay. >> it doesn't. now, a call for some sports highlights. >> we get them from our men at espn. >> welcome to "sportscenter." what a game in the nba. maybe the game of is season. it had everything including a superstar matchup between james harden and lebron james going at it. the cavs and the rockets. when i say going at it, look at that. we're talking about going at it. hart was called for a flagrant foul right there.
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flagrant indeed. lebron had a chance to win. that's the look. who am i to argue with lebron's decision-making. miss us it. we have go to overtime. in the ot lebron put the cavs ahead. miss us two free-throws. lebron james misses two free-throws in two seconds of overtime. that can't happen. cavs lose to the rockies. you want to know what else can't happen? the celtics at home can't blow a 26-point lead. trailing by 26. curry led them back. third quarter to steal. then to the three-point line. fourth quarter. curry driving. nice look to andre throwing it down. tie game. 20 seconds left. warriors up one. shot clock running out. igwadalla, the layup. warriors come back from down 26 to win by five. big monday presented by verizon. at 7:00 the early game with virginia and syracuse and oklahoma and iowa state in a big
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12 showdown. next "sportscenter" 9:00 eastern on espn. >> remember the name james harden looks like he's going to win the mvp award. all you do is say fear the beard, you'll look like a basketball expert. >> fear the beard. >> fear the beard. up next in "the pulse," polar plunge. the famous faces who took an ice cold dip. >> plus shakedown. why some grateful dead tickets are selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. place fateful dead. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis from the inside out... with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage and clear skin in many adults. doctors have been prescribing humira for nearly 10 years. >>humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections
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time to check "the pulse" starting with a reality check on supermodel cindy crawford. >> remember this photo that went viral for allegedly showing the 49-year-old beauty looking flabby and wrinkled in the mid section.
4:23 am
the photographer says someone doctored his original image. >> i knew it was too good to be true. compared to this instagram photo posted by crawford's husband days after the other one. cindy looking tanned and tone really what you expect, right? >> looks good. wow. >> i was hoping that that other photo was hers. >> man. well lady gaga is taking the plunge with her fiance. not that plunge. not yet. >> stim some time for that. gaga joining thousands of others jumping into the icy waters and she was carried into the water by the shoulders of her hunky man. and the other brave soul, vince vaughn helped raise more than $1 million for the special olympics. >> got to do it once in your lifetime. it's invigorating. >> i'm surprised you're into this. >> i'm into it. i'm doing it next year again. you never know what you're going to find at the thrift shop.
4:24 am
>> dr. jewelly lynn wong says she thought this suit was a replica that belonged to chris hatfield. until she tracked him down on facebook. it turns out it was the one of the many space suits donated to the warehouse that found its way into a thrift shop. >> why don't i ever find that kind of stuff. they're both pilots. they both graduated from the same flight school. >> look at that. >> there you go. some shocking prices for tickets to see the summer's 50th anniversary concerts by the grateful dead. at one point a three day pass for the shows in chicago over july 4th weekend was selling for more than $1.5 million. that's been taken down. >> but several tickets still up there for more than 100 and $16,000. this year it's the last place the legendary band played before breaking up in 1995 following
4:25 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. thank you for joining us. >> brand new month. sue is here with us. mike is checking the forecast. a little bit of rain over the weekend. >> a little bit today. even less. almost the same set up an area of low pressure is dropping over us. we have a little bit of moisture showing up. i don't think it is reach the ground. if it does, live doppler hd will show sprinkles. here is how we look from sutro tower. it is hazy because of the moisture. temperature in the upper 40s to 50s. by noon a little bit of sunshine and mid-50s to 60. this afternoon we have a window of scattered showers and a clap of thunder with small hail. it will not be a repeat of saturday. >> sue you hope with for no
4:29 am
trouble... >> we have a couple of things. in san rafael at 101 southbound, from novato it is looking good beyond the civic center, it is choppy but moving fine. san mateo bridge the same, light this morning over to foster city. problem point in san francisco north 101 at the 280 junction you can see the red. we have three vehicles all lanes are blocked here. c.h.p. is not yet arrived on the scene with an upstate in a couple of minutes. >> not a good way to start. developing news now livermore police expected to release more information on the city's first homicide in three years. two men were shot dead yesterday and a man has been arrested. abc's reporter, amy hollyfield has more from livermore. >> having the maning peace of mind to the neighborhood on edge knowing that this happened near a people are going to release more information later this morning.
4:30 am
here is video of the man they believe shot and killed two acquaint amountses after an argument. they have not released the name of the man. it happened in livermore yesterday afternoon. two men in their 20's were shot and killed. people who live in the division were stunned. >> livermore and this neighborhood is unexpected and at first when she said that our neighbor said someone was shot, we were well, it is not right a make gun just, again, unexpected. >> we have this person being detained. we followed up all the leads and it led to this individual. >> here is the gun police say is connected to the murders. they will not say if it is the murder weapon found less than a mile away. police have


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